Bullseye Braithwaite Beware!

“Bullseye” Braithwaite Beware!

‘I can light a match with a single shot from 100yards’ has to be the quote of the day.

Even former Temple 51 Worshipful Master, WT ‘Bullseye’ Braithwaite, 1888, a three time Bisley Rifle shooting champion, would have thought twice before attempting such a feat of marksmanship. Unfortunately, or should i say fortunately, for member making this boast no one had any matches with them, but he will be given the opportunity ot prove himself the next time around!

The sun shone on the members and their guests as they enjoyed a day ot target shooting at a local range held on Saturday 20th October 2012. The standard of marksmanship displayed by the 65 people who were in attendance was, to say the least, impressive. Everyone had the opportunity to try a verity of different pistols and rifles on the day, with the event culminating in a festive board of soup, sandwiches and sausage rolls. Everyone, form novices to semi pros, agreed that it was a great day’s entertainment and that they were looking forward to having ‘another go’ in the near future.

Temple 51 is now in the process of planning their next social event, a ‘friends of the lodge’ night to be held in December, and hope to have many more days out during 2013. If you want to join in just ask one of our members. We are always glad to make new friends.

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