Temple Lodge 51 meets Temple Lodge 138

Temple Lodge 51 based in Arthur Square Belfast met with it’s name-twin Temple Lodge 138, based in Londonderry. Good times were had, with great hospitality from hosts at 138.

Temple 51 Installation 2017

Our installation of officers occurred with much celebration and good times. We were honored to have the Deputy Grand Master of Ireland, R.W.Bro Rodney McCurdy and Assistant PGM W.Bro Jack Dunlop. We also have two very distinguished and welcomed guests from Wisconsin, USA

Charles Olsen..Most Excellent Grand High priest of the Grand Chapter of Wisconson

Michael Fairbanks Right Excellent Grand Treasurer of the Grand Chapter of Wisconson.

Your company was highly enjoyed and we invite you to come again next year!


Dublin Grand Lodge Visit – 2016

On October 15 2016, Temple 51 Masonic Lodge, joined with members from Newtownards and as far as Scotland, visited the Grand Lodge of Ireland in Dublin – Molesworth Street.
A tour was given around the magnificent hall courtesy of Br. Keith. Two 2nd Degrees (Sebastian and Alexander) were conferred, aswell as one 3rd Degree, under the excellent instruction of W.Br. W.Moore, W.Br. Harvey and W.Br. Jacobs. 

A good time was had all around.


PALS Clay Pigeon Event 2016

Give it a Shot, Clay Pigeon Night, took place on Tuesday 4th Oct 16 at the Thatch Clay Target Club Broughshane. The event was to raise funds for the TLC Appeal (Teddy’s for Loving Care) – and was open to both Masons and family. It was an enjoyable night with the positive that no Mason was hurt – they were excellent shots. We highly recommend paying a visit to the Thatch Clay Target Club and we thank them for their hospitality. Here’s some snaps:

Inside Dublin’s Molesworth St. Masonic Hall

While the organisation has been in Ireland for 300 years, with about 800 Irish lodges across the country, few have seen inside their halls. Much of the myth surrounding the order spans from its secrecy. But recently, the Freemasons open the doors to their ornate administrative headquarters on Dublin’s Molesworth Street.

Presented by Morgan McCreedy
Shot by Donal Corkery
Edited by Orlagh Bailey